3-4 Weeks


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~All the basics, none of the fuss~

level one training
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competitor level one



  • Puppy will be  trained to independently use a doggy door at all times. 

  • Puppy will be on their way to being reliably crate trained 

  •  Puppy will happily enter crates for eating and napping

  • Puppy will reliably use doggy door to go outside to potty * Doggy door training will begin in 2021.  Before that time, we still start puppies on potty training with very regular bathroom breaks outdoors!



  • Introduced to "off" command - this command can be used to tell puppy to get down or off of any object, place or person.


  • Knows and consistently performs:

    • “Sit”

    • “Down”

    • “Stay”*

    • “Come”*

    • “Off”*

    • “Kennel”*

    • “Lets go”*

    • "Focus"

     * introduced​

  • Puppy will ride in the car


  • Puppies will be gently assisted through “Fear Periods”.  Puppies who are not guided through these delicate stages will develop irrational fears (ex: the vacuum, trash bags, men with hats etc)  These fears can be avoided with careful and controlled exposure when a fear period is recognized.


  • Strategically exposed to various sights, sounds, people, smells and places at certain stages of development. (Custom checklist of socialization exposures will be given at time of pick-up)


  • Socialization time out in public (restaurants, parks, stores etc.)  

  • Puppy will be desensitized to visits to the Vet Office.

  • Puppy will be exposed to various other animals


  • Regular baths & nail trims

  • We strategically desensitize puppies to human touch on all areas of the body.  This enables the puppy to allow us to groom, check on possible injuries, clean sensitive areas etc.

  • Introduced to the grooming table, and various tools

  • Regular haircuts and sanitary trims

  • Up-to-date on vaccinations and worming protocols - records will be given to owner at pick-up or delivery.


  • Puppy will come home freshly bathed, trimmed and Fabulous!

  • Puppy will have their very own blanket or toy with familiar scent for comfort and ease of transition. 

  • Health records

  • Health guarantee and contract 

  • A training continuation checklist to take home​​