• Puppy will be  trained to independently use a doggy door at all times(as of late 2021). 

  • Puppy will be on their way to being reliably crate trained 

  •  Puppy will use crates for eating and napping

  • Puppies are taken out on a regular schedule and rewarded for going potty outside.  Level one trained dogs typically come home anywhere from 30%-70% potty trained.  The training will need to diligently be continued at home!



  • Introduced to "off" command - this command can be used to tell puppy to get down or off of any object, place or person.


  • Knows and consistently performs:

    • “Sit”

    • “Down”

    • “Stay”*

    • “Come”*

    • “Off”*

    • “Kennel”*

    • “Lets go”*

    • "Focus"*

     * introduced​ ( Introduced commands have been introduced to your puppy for approximately the last week of training.  We would not expect puppies to be able to reliably follow them at this age.   Having been introduced, we will give you the words, hand motions and instruction to continue with them at home.

  • On-leash walking - Puppy is introduced to walking on a loose leash..  We find that most puppies take to this very quickly, but as with all early training, continued practice is key! 

  • Puppy will have ridden in the car


  • Puppies will be gently assisted through “Fear Periods”.  Puppies who are not guided through these delicate stages will develop irrational fears (ex: the vacuum, trash bags, men with hats etc)  These fears can be avoided with careful and controlled exposure when a fear period is recognized.


  • Strategically exposed to various sights, sounds, people, smells and places at certain stages of development. 


  • Socialization time out in public (currently limited due to pandemic) 

  • Puppy will be exposed to various other animals


  • Regular baths & nail trims

  • We strategically desensitize puppies to human touch on all areas of the body.  This enables the puppy to allow us to groom, check on possible injuries, clean sensitive areas etc.

  • Introduced to the grooming table, and various tools

  • Regular haircuts and sanitary trims

  • Up-to-date on vaccinations and worming protocols - records will be given to owner at pick-up or delivery.


  • Puppy will come home freshly bathed, trimmed and Fabulous! 

  • Health records (electronic)

  • Health guarantee and contract 

  • A training continuation checklist to take home​​

*Please note that the maturity level varies for every puppy.  Some will excel and hold commands longer than others, while some will have a basic understanding, but need much more time to hold commands more than a few seconds.  As with most things, training is a marathon and not a sprint.   We will give you the wells started puppy and tools to continue the training as you get home.


3-4 Weeks



~All the basics, none of the fuss~

level one training

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