The Sweethaven Puppy "Give-away"

One of our many goals since taking Sweethaven to a full time family business, was to have an annual puppy give away for a demographic of our choosing.    If you have been following us for some time, you might remember our first Goldendoodle Give-away in 2019, when we were finally in a position to fulfill this goal!   We chose, at random, a military service member who applied.  That sweet pup has served as an ESA for her since then!

Due to the pandemic, we haven't had a give-away since, but we are to start it back up!

This summer, we are having our 2nd annual give away!!

There is NO COST to apply for this give away, and anyone and everyone can apply!  Please continue below to see what simple steps you need to take to apply for your FREE Sweethaven Goldendoodle!

Dog Blower
Dog Blower

The Process

There will be ONE winner, however, we are extending our military and first responder discount to ALL applicants.  This means that, should you not win,you can still redeem a discount on a Sweethaven puppy JUST for following the application guidelines!

There are 5 steps to enter.

Step 1:  Follow this link to get to our facebook page.  "like" our page, "Share" the post about the give away and comment "Liked and shared" on the post! Facebook LINK

Step 2: Follow this link to find out Tik Tok account.  Follow us and comment on one video"Followed". TIKTOK LINK (@doodle.obsession)

Step 3: Follow us on Instagram via this link:

INSTAGRAM LINK (doodles.of.sweethaven)

Step 4: Fill out this short form with your contact info, so we can contact you if you are the winner: APPLICATION

Step 5: Send an email of 700 or less words to describing how this free Sweethaven Goldendoodle would enrich your life or the life of those around you.  Please include your full name and your social handles for Facebook, Tik tok and Instagram so we can verify.

That is it!

Five quick and easy steps to either get a FREE puppy, but guaranteed to get a DISCOUNT on a puppy!


The Puppy

The winner will be eligible to pick up or have delivered one standard size Goldendoodle puppy, chosen by Sweethaven Kennels.

The puppy will be an apricot, cream or red, standard size goldendoodle with an f1 type coat.  Puppy will be ready to come home July 30th 2022.