Upcoming Litters

Medium-mini Red & Apricot  F1b Goldendoodles

These are our MOST popular goldendoodle puppies!

Colors can range from dark cream to apricot to dark red and sizing averages 25-42 pounds.

Medium-mini Chocolate   Goldendoodles

It is hard to find small chocolate multi-gen Goldendoodles.  We are planning several litters of these puppies throughout the year.

Expected average size range is 25-42 pounds.  Coat types are expected to be low to no shedding.

We have a limited amount of openings for our Chocolate & Blue Merle waitlist.

As you can see, the merle pattern is beautiful and unpredictable!

Expected average size range is 25-42 pounds.  Coat types are expected to be low to no shedding.

Medium-Mini Chocolate & Blue Merle Goldendoodles

PETITE Mini Goldendoodles

Our smallest Goldendoodle puppies. These babies should average 15-30 pounds.

Expecting Apricot/Red, Cream, Black, Chocolate and Merle.


We are always accepting applications for our puppies.  We do occasionally have to close a list due to it's length, but that is uncommon.    

After you click the link at the top of this page, we encourage you to be as descriptive as you can about what you are looking for in your new puppy.   Please be patient.  When it is a very busy time, we might not review your application for a week or so, but we will answer!

We will typically answer with a short email letting you know what lists we are currently still accepting reservations for.  We might also give you an estimated time for your desired color/size.  Those predictions are always educated guesses, as dealing with nature - we aren't ever really in charge!  If you want to continue with reserving a puppy, the process is as follows:

* Send in your $300 reservation fee.  This is not refundable if you decide not to purchase a puppy, but it DOES come off of your purchase price.

* Electronically sign the Reservation agreement that will be sent to your email.

* Then we wait!  There is typically little communication from us until we actually have a puppy born for you - but we are always happy to answer questions of update you on the process if you reach out.

Once a litter is born from which we will get to your name on the list, we will reach out.  We typically wait until they are almost 3 weeks old to reach out because we like for them to be past the critical neonatal period before then.

If you choose to go ahead with a puppy from that litter, the holding fee will be due at that time.  That is $350.  It will also come with a Holding Agreement with more specific information about your puppy, with dates etc.

For the weeks following, we will send weekly updates about development and photos via email.  You can also keep a close eye on our Facebook page for candid videos and photos.

When your puppy is about 5 weeks old, we will start to discuss delivery and pick up.  If you need delivery, full payment is due by the time your puppy is 6 weeks old.  We will find a flight nanny for you and arrange delivery.  You will pay the flight nanny directly when she delivers your puppy.  Our flight nannies have successfully delivered our puppies to over a dozen states!

If you are picking up your puppy, we accept payment at pick up.

Not sure what color or coat you want?  We have a breakdown of all your options HERE.