Multigen merle mini goldendoodles

Curly, Wavy and shaggy coats.

Chocolate, Apricot, Red, Merle and Black

Dumplin’ & Linus.png

Curly low to no shed coats

Chocolate, Chocolate merle, Red/apricot

F1 Red tuxedo mini goldendoodles

Wavy coats with light shedding likely

Red and Red tuxedo

Dumplin’ & Linus (2).png

Curly and Fleece coats with low to no shedding.

Chocolate, Chocolate merle, Apricot, Phantom, phantom merle, Black, Blue merle.

Dumplin’ & Linus (3).png

Wavy to Curly coats with little to no shedding.

Red and apricot; solid, abstract and full tuxedo.

Dumplin’ & Linus (4).png

Wavy to curly coats with little to no shedding

Red solid, parti, abstract and full tuxedo.

Please note:

--All timing is an estimation based on past heat cycles and is subject to change.

--Which stud is paired with a female is subject to change.

--Our waitlist is a master list.  You *can* request specifics in size, color, and even parents, but we cannot guarantee when you will get you puppy due to the nature of a master list.

Sweethaven Kennels is a long-standing, ethical goldendoodle breeder in the southeast USA.  We offer goldendoodle puppies with exceptional temperaments and health tested parents via delivery to all US states, and pick-up at Sweethaven is always an option!