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Tuxedo goldendoodles

If you have been dreaming of a medium size goldendoodle with a laid back, almost lazy temperament......welcome to your dream!

Mattie Ross is the sweetest, calmest goldendoodle we have ever known...almost...shall we say, lazy?  

She just has "Chill" vibes and thus far, her babies are absolutely just happy to nurse, sleep and snuggle!



She has been such a favorite!  This SWEET little girl will be ready to head home the last weekend of June!

Sugar is happiest when being held, but will make a point to munch your toes,playfully, when you put her down!



We call him Todd because he reminds us of the youthful, sweet innocence of the Fox and the Hound.

Todd is a very laid back guy (like his momma).  He loves playing with toys and friends, but is always down to lay his head on your shoulder for a good nap.

Todd will have a loose curl coat and can be yours the last weekend of June!

Multigen merle mini goldendoodles

We have only two pups available on this VERY special litter of minis.

Puppies are expected to average 15-30 pounds and have soft, non shedding coats and loving and sweet temperaments like their parents!

Go home mid July!

Chocolate Merle Mini goldendoodle

Apricot Girl

"Princess Peach"

Tiny!  We love the rich apricot color of this girl. 

She is a multi-gen mini goldendoodle and expected to average 15-25 pounds.

Chocolate Merle


This sweet boy looks like his mom, Dumplin'!  He is a mini multi-gen Goldendoodle expected to average 20-30 pounds


Blue Merle Girl


This tiny mini goldendoodle girl is expected to have a wavy to loose curl coat and average 15-25 pounds.

Staying at Sweethaven

Apricot Boy


This tiny guy is a mini multi-gen goldendoodle   He will have wavy, shaggy hair and is expected to average 15-25 pounds.

Red Tuxedo mini goldendoodlelitter

Puppies are expected to average 20-30 pounds and will be red, red with white markings and red tuxedo.

Go home is approximately August 13th.  

Tuxedo Boy

Mini red tuxedo goldendoodle89577542_n.jpg

Light Green Boy

Purple Girl


Blue Boy


Yellow Girl


Raine and Copper

Reverse F1b Standard Apricot Goldendoodles

165860710_769167150398998_3671362870637720262_n (1).jpg

They have arrived!!

We have nine absolutely gorgeous reverse F1b standard goldendoodles. These will be the only chance for a Standard size goldendoodle from Sweethaven for at least a year AND they are our lowest priced puppies ofthe year as well!

Raine and Copper are SO friendly, and pups from either one of them always have such a "Golden" personality!

Pictures coming soon!

*while we can give an estimated size range, there is never a guarantee of it being 100% accurate due to genetics and their complexities.



We are accepting reservations on all upcoming puppies including Mini-Medium and Petite Minis in apricot/red, chocolate, Black, cream and chocolate and blue merle. 


If you would like to be put on our list apply and we'll get back with you as soon as we can!

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