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Welcome to the Available Puppies Page
All available puppies are listed with pictures below.

We currently have:

~Mini doodles ready NOW -DISCOUNTED

~Petite mini DARK red Goldendoodles ready Mid- March 

~Petite mini Goldendoodles in various colors read early April (Early Pick Discount still available)

~Medium Doodles in red, Apricot and Tuxedo ready Mid April 

Granger & Chewy

These PETITE Mini Goldendoodles are expected to range 13-23 pounds.  Both parents have very outgoing personalities, deep red coats and are Silky, non shedding goldendoodles.

Mini Golden-Irish Doodles

Charlie and Pongo came together to make the MOST social, sweet and laid-back minis! Parents are 13 and 22 pounds.

Medium Multigen Doodles

If you have been waiting for the perfect Service or Therapy prospect---this is your SIGN!   These babies will have it ALL; amazing temperament and the best coats ever!

 These fully furnished, non-shed Doodles are expected to be appro 35-55 pounds.  All wavy and shaggy coats.

Petite Mini Goldendoodles

Sage and Apollo are both mini goldendoodles here at Sweethaven.  

They have just had their debut litter of eight teeny tiny little ones!  This is the "Eights Days a Week" littler ith Beatles inspired names.

All puppies are expected to have curly, teddy-bear non shedding coats.

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