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Raine and Copper

Reverse F1b Medium/Small Standard Apricot Goldendoodles

This litter ws bred specifically for the purpose of Service and therapy dogs for several clients!

Rain and Copper Puppies have the WHOLE package of looks and personality, and several of their past puppies have graduated into Service! We expect light to moderate shedding on select pups in this litter.



Est. 12-22 pounds.  Going home Early October

This is a first time pairing!  Estimates are 20-40 pounds.

Coats will all be red or red & white and will be wavy.

These pups typically range 25-45 pounds.

Color possibilities are chocolate, chocolate merle, apricot, red, and parti.

First time pairing!  Mom and Dad are 40 and 35 pounds, respectively.

Color possibilities are: Black, Chocolate, Phantom, Brown Phantom, Phantom Merle, and Apricot

Expected sizing will be 45-65 pounds.

ALL will be RED!!  Coat types will vary from curly to wavy to straight!   This litter will potentially have a few " unfurnished" puppies that will be some of the lowest priced Christmas puppies!

Now accepting advanced reservations.

*while we can give an estimated size range, there is never a guarantee of it being 100% accurate due to genetics and their complexities. If a mini goldendoodle dog breeder gives you an exact size, that is cause for concern.  Genetics can pull from up to three generations back, and mini goldendoodles are bred down in size over 2-3 generation.



We are accepting reservations on all upcoming puppies including Mini-Medium and Petite Minis in apricot/red, chocolate, Black, cream and chocolate and blue merle. 


If you would like to be put on our list CONTACT US and we'll get back with you as soon as we can!

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