Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Your website says that you do health testing.  What does that mean?

      We do full DNA health and disease panel on every adult dog before we decide if they are going to be in our program.   These tests are designed to be breed specific and test for very testable genetic disease available.   

In addition, we have OFA certified Hips and elbows on our primary Stud.   

By Winter of 2021, all of our breeding age males and females will also have OFA/Dr. Wallace Hip, elboe and patella certifications, along with OFA eye and heart evaluations. *Covid had all health clinic appointments canceled and may may delay these even further

2. How much do your puppies cost?

As of 2020, our puppies run between 1300 and 2900.  The reason for the wide range is simply that we have a wide range of colors and sizes.  Those prices are for an eight week old puppy without breeding rights.   That puppy will come with a full vet exam, 2 set of shots, microchipped and started on crate desensitizing and potty training.  

We offer professional training past 8 weeks old for additional fees.

Part of our mission here at Sweethaven is to be able to provide dogs that are superior in temperament, behavior, health and looks than others, while maintaining a "middle-of-the-road" pricing that makes these pups more available to anyone who wants one.

3.  How are your puppies different than my neighbor's pet that had a litter?

      This is a bit of a loaded question, but one that we get in various forms from time to time.  


       Most pets that are bred "just to get a litter" probably shouldn't have been bred. 


       Reputable breeders spend time going to seminars, breeding conferences, and doing research to be up to date on the latest research in health and training.  In addition, they start out with very carefully researched and purchased dogs, spend time and money on health testing and breed pairs together who will compliment each other.

 While we have no doubt that the dog in question is sweet and loving, that doesn't equal a dog that should pass on it's genetics.  Sadly, poorly bred doodles are contributing to the shelter crisis because they have temperament and health issues that the new owners did not bargain for.

At Sweethaven Kennels, we breed for temperament, health and beauty.  Puppies are started on detailed sensory protocols at THREE days old, and worked with on a specific schedule throughout their time here.   We are professional dog breeders and trainers, and as such, are very knowledgeable on all things dog! 


You wouldn't likely purchase a car from a neighbor who "had some car parts and thought it would be fun to make one".....puppies are similar.  You can plan to have your new family member in your life for ten plus should invest in a quality one!

3. What is Puppy Culture?

      Puppy Culture is a program that was carefully developed with the first 12 weeks of a puppies development in mind.     These weeks are CRITICAL to the life-long well-being of each puppy.  We cannot emphasize enough how much this program has made a difference in our Poodles and Goldendoodles.


4.  How do I reserve a puppy?

       First you should apply.  the link can be found at the top of the "Available Puppies" page!  We accept small reservation fee of $150 to secure your spot in picking order before our pups are born.

 We require a deposit to hold any puppy after birth and full payment must be rendered at or before pick up.


5.  What types of payment do you take?

        We accept Cash, Zelle, Cash App and Postal Money Orders.  We do not accept any other form of payment at this time, but should be able to accept credit cards by the end of 2020.


6.  Do you take payments for puppies?

       Yes.   We can take scheduled payments via Zelle or Cash app for a current or future puppy.  Please contact us for details!


7.  Can I come to your house to pick out my puppy?

        Maybe.   We do not allow visitors until pups have had their second vaccination due to health risks.    Usually by this time, our "picking order" has been determined.  We often do picking via photos or live chat.  Occasionally we do have picking in person.  Just ask!

*No in-home visits or pick-ups for the foreseeable future due to Covid 19.  We are doing safe, outdoor pick ups at this time.*

8.  I've put a deposit on a puppy.  Can I come and visit them before they come home?

       Usually not.  We find that it is easier to say no, than to potentially have dozens of people wanting to stop by to say "hi" to their new puppy!  This is our home, and we are VERY busy taking good care of your future canine companion!   We do make a point to send regular photos and update our Facebook frequently with videos and pictures.  We also post updates on our Facebook page.  Be sure that you have followed us!

9.  What is a Guardian home?

        We are always taking applications for qualified Guardian homes!  Please refer back to our Guardian Home page to answer all of your questions!  If you are interested, please email us and we will send you the application.

10.  Do you offer a health Guarantee?

       Yes we do.  We strive to raise the healthiest Standard Poodle and Goldendoodle  puppies in the Southern United States!    We send puppies home with a microchip, 2 sets of shots and a full veterinary health check up.     We offer a guarantee against a number of genetic diseases and a hip guarantee as well.   There are limits and contingencies on all guarantees which will be in the contract.  We do not pay vet bills for any puppy who has left our care.   If conditions are met, we offer to replace the puppy at the next opportune time.  There are no refunds. 

11.  What is "Lifetime Breeder Support"?

       THIS is why you should go with an experienced, reputable breeder for your new family member! 


 I continue to take calls and messages from past buyer to address any concerns they may ever have!   We are invested in the health and happiness of ever Poodle and Goldendoodle that is born here at Sweethaven.     We have the experience and knowledge to help you through rough patches in training. 


We are always here to help!

12.  If I buy a dog from you, can I breed it?

        We DO sell breeding rights to select people for select dogs, but this is a different and distinct type of contract.    You will be purchasing your Sweethaven Puppy on a non-breeding Contract.  This is legal and binding contract that will have steep and enforceable monetary penalties for breeding any Sweethaven Kennels dog without prior permission and purchasing of breeding rights.  Not all puppies are cut out to be a breeding dog.  We carefully select puppies that will be available with rights. 


Breeding should never be about producing as many puppies as you can OR only for a certain color - but to produce the HEALTHIEST puppies possible.

        If you are hoping to find a good dog for a future breeding - reach out to us.  We can help you find the perfect pup for your program!  We are happy to work with other breeders.

13.  Where do your Goldendoodles live?

Most of our dogs live with us here at Sweethaven Kennels.  We have some Poodles and Goldendoodles in Guardian homes as well.  Our dogs do not live in kennels.  It makes for a crazy household sometimes, but we wouldn't change it!

14.  What breeds do you have?

We currently breed primarily for Goldendoodles.  We also have Poodles, Golden Retrievers, and occasionally Sheepadoodles.   Our mini goldendoodles and medium Goldendoodle puppies are our most frequently had litters.


What is more, we offer PAYMENT PLANS!  Starting in 2020, we will be offering installment plans to get your perfect pup!  

If you have made it this far, Thanks!  We strive to answer all questions quickly and with full transparency.  If you have any questions about our Goldendoodle puppies, our trained Goldendoodles, guardian home doodles, responsible breeder practice or anything else - please feel free to reach out!