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  • How to I reserve a puppy from Sweethaven Kennels?
    The process is very simple. We ask that you fill out the short application so that we understand what you are looking for, and get to know you a little bit. You can find that here. We then respond; typically within 24 hours to one week, depending on how busy we are with puppies. If approved, we will let you know more details about the available or upcoming puppies, including how long the potential wait might be. We then accept a $500 reservation fee via Zelle, Cash app or Venmo and can place you on our master waitlist. We take into account your size/color preferences, and a deposite ENSURES you will get to pick your puppy BEFORE the general public gets to see them and choose. The reservation fee is not refundable if you choose to not follow through with the purchase, but will come off of the final purchase price. After we have received the reservation fee, we send out a Reservation Agreement for electronic signature through Adobesign. You will also get a completed copy for your records. Then we wait!
  • Can I make payments on my puppy?
    YES! We accept payments in any increment or amount via Zelle and Cash app. We suggest starting very early, as the puppy must be paid for in full before it goes home at 8 weeks old.
  • What is "Puppy Culture" and "ENS"?"
    Puppy Cuture is a program developed with the first 12 weeks of a puppy's neurological developement in mind. We being by doing Early Neurological Stimulation, also know as the Super Dog program, originally developed for dogs being trained to work with the military. We do this every day from days 3-16. Puppies raised with proper ENS protocols are more resiliant to stress, more easily trainable and even healthier than their non-ENS counterparts. Puppy culture is a series of protocols based on the ongoing development of the puppy. We take into account each induvidual puppy, as not all develope at the same rate.
  • Can I come to your home to pick out my puppy?
    Sadly, like so many things, a few bad apples ruins the whole bunch. We used to allow this, and honestly, it was a liability disaster. A few examples of the experiences that caused us to change our visitor policy: ~ People bring over extending family without asking (like 8 + people) ~Children leaping off of furniture ~Having people come in to see puppies while someone else "cases" our property ~People coming despite being obviously ill ~A man demanding to go into my bedroom to see "where my dogs live" ~A toddler wandering into a closed off area with ONE WEEK OLD PUPPIES! I could go on, but hopefully this shows the extreme lack of boundaries and dangerous situations we have experienced to change our policy. Not even mentioned is the fact that puppies are very vulnerable to outside germs and viruses. We do have a few exceptions! If puppies are not reserved by 7 weeks old, we do schedule meet and greet times for outdoor viewing of puppies. We now require a small deposit to arrange this, as we spend several hours getting puppies ready and have experienced a number of no-show appointments in the last year or so. Puppy pick-ups are always here at Sweethaven!
  • What makes your puppies different than my neighbor whose pet dog just had a litter?
    This is a bit of a loaded question, but one that we get in various forms from time to time. The honest truth is that most dogs who have been bred "just to get a litter", shouldn't have been bred at all. Professional breeder spend a lot of time going to seminars, reading up on the latest research in health and puppy developement. In addition, they start out with only the best dogs interms of health, genetics and temperament, and carefully consider these things and more when chosing who to pair together for puppies. We have no doubt that the mother dog in question is a sweet girl, but that is only one of many pre-requisites for a quality breeding dam. Sadly, poorly bred doodles are flooding the market.
  • How much do your puppies cost?
    As of 2024, our puppies range from 1200-3200. The wide range is due to the fact that we have three different sizes and many different color and coat patterns in our genetics. The average puppy prices are 1800-2600. These prices are for an 8 week old puppy. Puppies are microchipped and registered to Sweethaven until proof of spay/neuter is sent to us, at which time, we transfer lifetime registration to you. We DO sell breeding rights on occasion, so please just ask. We appreciate honesty and love to work with other breeders. There are added fees for the "pick of the litter", breeding rights and additional training.
  • Where do your dogs live?
    At Sweethaven, our dogs are family. We love each and every one of them, and their happiness is incredibly important to us. We believe that happy, healthy and well adjusted puppies start with happy, health and well-adjusted parents. We have some of our dogs in guardian homes, where they are a beloved member of that family, and only come back to have puppies at Sweethaven. We keep close tabs on guardian dogs and have high standards for their care. The rest are just part of the "Sweethaven Pack". They spend their days lounging on furniture, playing outdoors and getting plenty of good scratches! We have three generations living across two farms, and thus, three households for the pack to spread out to! Please see our many photos on this website and photos and videos on our Facebook page for a glimpse of the cushy life our pups live! They deserve only the best!
  • How long is your waitlist?
    As of middle 2023, we seldom have a long waitlist. In the cases of nobody waiting for a pairing, we have been choosing to put a pause on many planned breedings. If you are certain that you want a certain size/color Sweethaven puppy in the near future, you should consider placing a reservation so that we can accurately gauge interest in the puppies.
  • Will my puppy's coat change?
    The short answer is yes. Just like humans' puppy have "baby hair" what will change in texture once they begin to reach maturity around 6-12 months old. It will often get a bit curlier and coarser, though some will stay comes down to the genetics of that line. Also, about 90% of poodles and goldendoodles will clear their coat to some degree as they come into maturity. This isn't a fault, but a common gene in poodles. So your deep chocolate puppy may be beige as an adult. Your black may be silver or "blue" or your red may be apricot. I have seen some breeders use the genetic test "dilute" to say that their puppies will not fade. This is either a deceptive marketing tactic or simple inexperience. The genes for a poodle fading are not all identified, and thus can't be fully predicted with any testing. Here at Sweethaven, about 50% of our adults have cleared their coats, while the other 50% are as dark as the day they were born. Still though, we don't advertise non-fading goldendoodles because it simply isn't predictable or ethical to do so.
  • Do you have a health guarantee?
    Yes! Here at Sweethaven, we are fastidious about the health of our dogs and puppies. All potential future parents have several rounds of health testing to be considered, and only passing dogs become parents here. It is a little known fact that only one or two - and sometimes none of the puppies from a litter should become a breeding dog. Because overpopulation with poorly bred dogs is a serious problem, we only breed the best of the best. This includes in health testing and temperament. You will receive a health guarantee that covers many genetic conditions and orthopedic conditions when you purchase your puppy.
  • Can I Breed my Sweethaven Puppy?
    Typically no, but we do occasionally work with other and new breeders - see below! All of our dogs are sold on a non-breeding contract. We also register the microchip to Sweethaven until proof of spay/neuter has been sent to us, at which time we transfer the paid lifetime microchip to you. The purchase contract will have enforceable monetary penalties if the non-breeding clause is breached. As with any important business purchase, we understand that foundation breeding dogs should be the best, and as such, do work with new and long-standing breeders. We LOVE to network with like-minded, responsible breeders. Just ask!
  • What comes with my puppy?
    Your puppy will come home at 8 weeks; clean, fluffed and fabulous! You will receive shot and worming information with vet paperwork, a bag of food to slowly switch over your puppy to your chosen food and LOTS of information about bringing a new puppy home, should you need it. Puppy will be microchipped and registered to Sweethaven until Spay/neuter report is received. At that time, lifetime paid registration will be transferred to you!

Have more questions?

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