A Family of Animal Enthusiasts

     Derek and Christina met when they were only 17 years old.  

    Within the year, they were working together on a city rooftop garden, owned a kitten together and were making big plans.

   Derek attended Culinary school while Christina raised their two young children, and by age 25 they were the owners of their very first small farm. Naturally, they began filling the land with gardens and farm animals.  Kids, dogs, cats, chickens, rabbits, cows and goats filled their days with labor and joy. 


It was during these years that they began learning about breeding animals - genetics, breed issues, health issues, proper health, breeding and training protocols.  

They were young (and maybe a bit naive), but spent countless hours of research, asking questions and learning through experience.


Still Enthusiasts After All These Years

The family looks quite different now from those early days.  Both children are now adults.  Their daughter, a country-girl at heart, is a professional dog trainer and works closely with the program at Sweethaven.  Their son is pursuing an Engineering degree at University.  Derek and Christina have finally settled down onto their dream farm in rural Alabama, and are navigating having an empty-ish nest.

Besides caring for and training the dogs and puppies of Sweethaven, they also fill their days with beekeeping, organic gardening, hiking, land stewardship and other artistic pursuits.

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