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Your new puppy in an investment in memories that will last a lifetime

Did you know that the long-term cost of a premium Sweethaven goldendoodle is only pennies a day for the lifetime of your pup?

Please read on to see why this small investment is SO WORTH IT for the love and memories that you will carry with you for the rest of your life.

Size Catagories

Standard Size

Standard size goldendoodles aren't bred often here.  When they are, we expect red, apricot, black, cream, chocolate or merle; both furnished and occasionally unfurnished.

They range 1200-2500

Medium-Mini Size

Our most popular and commonly born size.  These puppies average 25-45 pounds.

We have Red, Tuxedo, chocolate, merle and phantom.

They range 1500-3000

Mini and Petite Mini

We do plan several Mini Goldendoodles per year.  they average 12-30 pounds.

They are Red, Red tuxedo, Chocolate, Black, Cream, Apricot, Merle and Phantom.

They range 2200-3600

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