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Your new puppy in an investment in memories that will last a lifetime

Did you know that the long-term cost of a premium Sweethaven goldendoodle is only pennies a day for the lifetime of your pup?

Please read on to see why this small investment is SO WORTH IT for the love and memories that you will carry with you for the rest of your life.

Size Catagories

Standard Size

Standard size goldendoodles aren't bred often here.  When they are, we expect red, apricot, black, cream, chocolate or merle; both furnished and occasionally unfurnished.

They range 1200-2500

Medium-Mini Size

Our most popular and commonly born size.  These puppies average 25-45 pounds.

We have Red, Tuxedo, chocolate, merle and phantom.

They range 1500-3000

Mini and Petite Mini

We do plan several Mini Goldendoodles per year.  they average 12-30 pounds.

They are Red, Red tuxedo, Chocolate, Black, Cream, Apricot, Merle and Phantom.

They range 2200-3600

Puppy Give away Policies

Applicants MUST follow all 5 steps to be entered, including sending social media info or screen shots that they have followed the directions.

Please do not apply if you cannot pick up your puppy at Sweethaven Kennels by the first week of August or pay s transporter to get your puppy to you.

Sweethaven Kennels offers guidelines for who may be selected to win a free puppy, but selection of a recipient is solely at the discretion of the owners of Sweethaven Kennels. We retain no liability toward those who apply but are not selected.

Winner may not exchange puppy for cash prize.  There is no monetary value attached to this gift.

Puppy for the giveaway is chosen at at discretion of Sweethaven Kennels.

We wish that everyone who applied could receive a free puppy, but want the puppy to be deeply enriching where needed!

Winners will be notified via email. We do try to notify all who applied, even if they have not been selected, but please be aware that we often receive a high volume of requests and a personal response is not always practical.

Applying will opt you in for future communication from Sweethaven Kennels.

Though the puppy is free, there is still a purchase contract that must be signed by recipient.

Puppy contract will be for non breeding rights and must be neutered, per contract by 12 months of age.

If you apply and do not win, we are still extending a $200 discount toward the purchase of a Sweethaven Kennels puppy if reserved in the 2 months following the giveaway.

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