What Type of coat do i want?

Red wavy Goldendoodle
Apricot curly goldendoodle
f1bb curly goldendoodle

f1 coat

f1b coat

f1bb coat

The F1 Goldendoodle coat is the "Classic" coat.   When people send me a photo of their dream dog - it almost always has an F1 coat.

 Coats are typically shaggy with loose curls and waves.  There will always be some degree of shedding, as they are still approximately 50% Golden Retriever.  For this reason, some chose to go with the F1b instead..

The F1b coat comes in tight curls, loose curls and fleece.  Breeders can distinguish the two curl  types within the first few days of birth, but fleece coats can be a bit trickier.

The tighter curl dogs with mature into curly, low to no shedding companions.  The ones with looser curls will mature into the F1 look with a bit more curl - perfection!  

F1b coats are less likely to have noticeable shedding.

What are my color options?

Apricot goldendoodle puppy
Cream white Goldendoodle puppy
Chocolate doodle puppy

Sweethaven kennels






Blue Merle





Chocolate Merle

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The F1bb coat is what we recommend for allergy sufferers.

This coat will either be curly or fleecy, but will almost always be non-shedding.   The will more closely resemble a poodle (if they are a tight-curl one, but will still have some of thesoft fluffiness that the Golden brings in.