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What type of coat do I want?

Tuxedo goldendoodle

Straight or "Shaggy" Coat

Chocolate merle mini goldendoodle

Wavy Coat

goldendoodle puppies

Curly Coat

This is referred to a double negative curl or -/- curl coat.

This coat is very easy to brush and maintain.  It takes considerable longer for any matting to set in, and is VERY beautiful

This type of coat is not easy to breed for and not too many breeders have these in their lines.

These can be low or no shed, depending on other factors that aren't related to the curl gene.

This is probably the most recognizable goldendoodle coat.

These coast are what is known and referred to as a +/- curl coat.   One of each!

These coats will need to be brushed like all coats, but are a bit easier to brush through than a curl coat.

Some Wavy coats will be curlier than others, and that is down to the individual genetics of each dog.

They can be low or no shed, depending on other factors that are not related to the curl gene.

The "double curl" coat.

This coat will either be curly or fleecy, but will almost always be less noticable shedding simply because hairs that are shed will get caught up in the curls.    They will more closely resemble a poodle (if they are a tight-curl one, but will still have some of the soft fluffiness that the Golden brings in.

These can be low to no shedding as well

Sweethaven Kennels also specialized in Multigen (multi-generational) Goldendoodles.   We can describe what type of coats to expect based on the coat trait genetics of the parent dogs.  Most Multi-gens are bred specifically for a certain look to their coats or to help ensure a more hypoallergenic coat.  

What are my color options?





brown goldendoodle


Sweethaven kennels

red goldendoodle


merle goldendoodle

Blue Merle

brown and white parti goldendoodle


black goldendoodle



Chocolate Merle

It is important to note that your doodle companion is very likely to change color during their lifetime.  Some change rapidly the first year, and some take several years, but approximately 90% of Doodles (anything mixed with a poodle) will lighten up in color.   This comes from the Poodle side of their DNA.  Poodles naturally lighten in color, and that trait is often passed on to the Doodle.

The timing and degree of change is not able to be determined by any tests available.

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