Sweethaven Kennels is always looking for Guardian Homes for our Standard Poodles, Golden retrievers and Goldendoodles.

A Guardian Home is where one of our "pick-of-the-litter" puppies goes home with a family to become their forever pup while still being apart of our breeding program.  At the end of their breeding career they become solely yours.

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Q.  It sounds like you want me to pay to raise your dog......

A.  We get this comment occasionally.   The dog, valued in the thousands of dollars is provided at no cost to the Guardian.  We then gift our Guardians money each time the dog produces a litter, which largely offsets the cost of dog ownership!    By the books, we LOSE income over the life of a dog by placing dogs in Guardian homes.  

This is ONLY for the benefit of the dog.  Period.

Q. Is the dog mine or yours?

A.  Legally - the dog remains the property of Sweethaven until the contract time is over.  At that time, We legally sign all rights to the dog over to you.   We like Guardian families to think of the dog as theirs - because ultimately - it will be. 

 Your family will be the only family this precious dog will ever know!

Q.  Who make decisions for the dog?

A.  We both do.   While the final decision for most things will still rest with us, our goal is to have an amazing relationship with all Guardian Families and "Co-Parent" the dog.    

Q.  Can you take the dog back?

A.  Both Sweethaven and the Guardian are bound by the terms of a legally binding contract.   Sweethaven retains the right to take back a Guardian dog for reasons such as neglect, non-communication, not making the dog available for breeding/testing/etc., or not fulfilling part of the agreement such as training.   


Sweethaven is legally bound to NOT take the dog back for any reason that doesn't affect the health/breed-ability of the dog.   Both parties are protected by the contract.

Fill out our application by going to the JotForm at that link below!




We will get back to you as soon as we can.  Please be patient! 


 We do place Guardian pups every year, but it can be months before we have one available, and we take a lot of time to view applications and do interviews. 

If you have filled out the application and have not heard back from us in 4 weeks, do send us a reminder!  Things can get tossed to the bottom of the pile when we have pups!

What is a

Guardian Home?

How it works

The puppy/dog lives with you and becomes a member of your family, while we retain official ownership and breeding rights for a contracted amount of time. 


Once or twice a year the dog will come to us for breeding and birthing, and will be here for 5-8 weeks.

Male Guardianship is slightly different, but they never have to be away for more than a week at a time!


Once the dog is finished with their breeding career, they will be spayed/neutered and official ownership rights will be transferred to you. 

Benefits to Guardian families

1. Will be receiving the best standard poodle, Golden Retriever or Goldendoodle available! You are essentially getting a chance at the breeders "Pick of the Litter".  Free!   In addition, we gift Guardian Families each time a litter is produced, often off-setting the cost of dog ownership all together!

2. You can watch as the dogs grow and change during pregnancy and even feel the little puppies kicking inside their belly!

3. Knowing that you canine companion is blessing people all over the country with producing the best possible puppies for their families. Some Sweethaven puppies are specially chosen to become service and therapy dogs

4. Constant support! We want our puppies and guardian families to be healthy and happy! We are ALWAYS only a phone call away for any concerns or questions. We are always ready to walk our families through all stages of dog ownership when they need help. At its core, this is partnership in effort--and we cherish the relationships that we have with guardian families! 


The following items are requirements for any home to be considered for our guardian home program. Exceptions to these requirements can be made on a case-by-case basis.   Just ask!

* You must live within reasonable driving distance of our home.  Usually not more than four hours.  Male Guardian dogs need to be within one hour of our farm in Lafayette Alabama.

* Have a securely fenced in yard for the dog's safety, or be willing to install one.

* Commit to providing training and socialization for the dog.  We have specific requirements for training, and are very willing to help!  

* A willingness to accept and follow Sweethaven Kennels recommendation for the dogs basic health care and vet care, such as vaccine schedules the use of certain medications, etc.


* Make sure no other intact dogs are on your premises to prevent unwanted mating and diseases. 

* Commitment to love and cherish this dog for it's whole life!

* Be able to part with a female for 5 to 8 weeks one to two times per year for a few years.

For MALE Guardian homes, you will occasionally have to bring the dog to us, and then only for several days at a time.

(*) Exceptions may be made.  Please contact for details.

While it might feel complicated--I assure you--at its core it is very simple!

We work TOGETHER to give a pup the best life possible.

I am more than happy to discuss details and answer any questions you may have!


    It is vitally important to us that our dogs and puppies have the best possible lives, and being raised by a loving family is what is best for most dogs. We also want to continue to breed the best quality puppies that we can. 

To continue with quality genetics, it is necessary to rotate new puppies into our breeding program every year.   As a result,  we could potentially have more dogs than we feel comfortable housing.   


We do not want crowded conditions for our pups!

   These breeds are very loving and social. 

   They ALL deserve love and attention daily.

The health, happiness and environment of our

breeding dogs is our #1 priority!

  In a guardian home, each pup gets the best of both

worlds--a loving"furever" family--and passing on their 

superior genetics to keep their respective breeds going


Aside from the huge cost savings to your

family--your guardian pet has been chosen

as the finest quality that Sweethaven has to

offer.  Always "Pick-of-the-litter".