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Policies & Guarantees

Reserving your Puppy

Visitor Policy

Here at Sweethaven, we do not have in-person visits or puppy picking anymore.


The primary reasons are that the quality of in-person visits from 20 years ago versus now are vastly different and our puppies have little immunity to Parvo before their vaccination series.

We have have people show up with very sick children, we have had people show up with a van load of extended family, we have had people show up unannounced, children have nearly killed newborn puppies - I could go on.   The point is that it had become so very stressful to offer this, that we nearly quit breeding.

The other issue was that we were spending about 10 hours per weekend having people in our home to interact with puppies.  That is a LOT of time that it typically dedicated to caring for dogs and spending time with our family.  It simply wasn't sustainable.

Now we offer scheduled facetime video chats to meet a puppy that you might be interested in, in addition to posting photos, videos and updates across all social media platforms.

Pick up & Delivery

Pick up day is always on a Saturday after puppies are 8 weeks old.   You will be notified of the pick up day and time.  If you have questions about this, please reach out.

Pick up is always at our farm in Lafayette Alabama.  We typically will meet families out at the front of our farm because GPS steers you wrong and you cannot see the houses from the road.

We have puppies ALL OVER the United States.   We have several Flight Nannies who personally fly puppies in cabin directly to your nearest airport.  This is a low-stress delivery method.   Typical costs are 600-650.

We are also open to using the many ground transport options which can range 250-700.

If you are unable to pick up your puppy on the set pick up day, you must notify us as soon as possible.  We will work with you to either board (with a fee) your puppy for a longer time, enroll puppy in level one training or simply figure out another pick up day.

What to expect on "Gotcha Day"

You will be picking up your puppy at Sweethaven in a window of time that we will have sent out.   All puppies will be well groomed, microchipped and ready to go!  You will receive a bag of food that your puppy currently eats, vet paperwork with all needed info for your vet , electronic signature contracts and "Going Home" packets electronically which will include a plethora of information about your puppy, training, grooming, health etc.

We suggest you bring a towel to set on your lap to hold puppy for the ride home and water to offer if you have a long ride. 


We will also be available to answer any questions that might have popped up and take your first "family photo"with your newest member!  

Health Guarantee


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