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Do Mini Goldendoodles Shed? The Hairy Truth

Do Goldendoodles shed?   Are Goldendoodles hypoallergenic?  Are goldendoodles good for people with allergies?

These are all questions that are always circulating around the internet, and are very frequently asked of us here at Sweethaven Kennels.  Today, we have answers.

What is a mini goldendoodle and why do people claim they are hypoallergenic?

Goldendoodles and mini goldendoodles are a hybrid of two breeds; the poodle and the Golden Retriever.   

The original goal of the “doodle” dog was to create a dog who had the intelligence and drive to be a good Service Dog, with a lower shedding coat than the Golden Retriever or Labrador.  Since their inception, the buzz around them has been high.  Some with praise and some with disdain, but they certainly DO shed less than the shedding parent breed…which was the point.

There are a lot of things to consider when evaluating the shedding likelihood of any goldendoodle.  We will dive a bit deeper into that below, but first, let us discuss the meaning of the word ‘Hypoallergenic’.

According to the Oxford dictionary, hypoallergenic simply means ‘ less likely to cause allergic reaction’.   Many people have come to believe that this term means  that a pet or perhaps cosmetic item will never cause an allergic reaction.    This is a misuse of the word.

Goldendoodles, and or doodle dogs are often labeled as hypoallergenic.  For the most part, this is a correct statement, as they are less likely to produce an allergic reaction, though some goldendoodles are not suitable for those with allergies. 

How do we know if a Goldendoodle is the most hypoallergenic?

  Knowing how to read and interpret genetic coat testing, along with the knowledge and understanding about how to pair certain parents to get a more hypoallergenic outcome is one of the top five reasons to purchase your goldendoodle from a long-standing professional breeder rather than Betty down the street who bred their pets together because they are cute.    The latter often leads to heartache, if not from coat problems, than often health problems.

Most professional breeders not only take great care in selecting parents, but will be very forthcoming about the possibilities of allergies with any given litter.  If the breeder you are talking to makes a blanket statement about goldendoodles not shedding…proceed with caution.  Some doodles have shedding just as high as a retriever, but with the longer hair of a poodle…..a allergy disaster.  This happens much more often than you think.

Will my F1b or F1bb goldendoodle shed?

The answer is…maybe.   It is not about the generation as much as it is about the genetics that make up the puppy.   

Here is an example of a recent interaction here at Sweethaven Kennels:

Customer:  I want to purchase one of your petite mini goldendoodles.  My son has mild allergies.  

SHK: We would love to connect you guys with a puppy.  Each puppy in this litter has a 25% chance of light shedding.  The others will have little discernible shedding, though all dogs, like humans, will shed some.   We can run specific genetic testing on each puppy you are considering to determine which ones would be right for your family.

After some discussion, we learned that their son is okay with low shedding breeds that belong to family members, but not with high shedders such as a lab. He also is okay with being licked, which is important, because many dog allergies are actually to the saliva and urine of the dog.   After doing the testing, they picked a puppy with the more hypoallergenic genetics, took him home and have had zero issues!

All mammals shed…including “non-shedding” dogs.   There are, however, some ways to help.


Bathing and brushing your goldendoodle frequently will help get trapped hairs that have been shed.  It will also help to remove dust that their coat has collected, which can be a source or reaction.


Eating a healthy diet, being free of disease and parasites is also important for maintaining a healthy coat.   Many people add a high quality fish oil for skin health.


Vacuuming very regularly and laundering bedding and toys is an important addition to a low allergen house.

In conclusion, no dog is non-allergenic, but a well-bred goldendoodle or doodle can be hypoallergenic enough to be safe for people with mild dog allergies.   Goldendoodles with the proper genetics can be a low shedding dog to the point of almost never seeing the hair.  Here at Sweethaven, we have genetics that don’t appear to shed, and some that definitely do.   We are very open and forthcoming about what to expect from any puppy we produce, and always willing to do the simple test needed if there is a probability of shedding.

You will hopefully have this dog as a huge part of your family for well over a decade.  Make sure that you are getting the coat that works best for your family by working closely with a breeder who understands coat genetics.

Here it to non-sneezing snuggletime!

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