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Goldendoodle Summer Cut: Cool Dogs need to Cool Off in the Heat

We all love that fluffy, long hair of the Goldendoodle.  Whether you have a curly hair goldendoodle, wavy hair goldendoodle or the shaggy/straight haired goldendoodle, we can all agree that keeping the locks long is what most owners want.

The temperature is rising though, in many areas, and new doodle owners are left wondering what is best for their fluffy friend.

There is a pretty popular misconception out there that doodles, particularly goldendoodles, shouldn’t have their hair cut or shaved until they are about one year old.    

That is simply nuts, and wildly irresponsible of the breeders who perpetuate that myth.     It hurts dogs, owners and groomers.


Hopefully you purchased from a breeder who worked hard those first eight weeks and exposed your goldendoodle to grooming, bathing and blow drying.  Early exposure and repeat exposure in a gentle and positive environment is key to keeping puppy happy to get groomed!    Generally speaking, you should have an appointment with your groomer for a puppy groom as soon as they have their shots all finished - just to keep them accustomed to it.


No.   Early trimming and even shaving will not “ruin” a goldendoodle coat.  


There are several reasons that we think a summer cut is best for goldendoodles.

  1. Too keep them more comfortable.   I know that I wouldn’t want to spend time outdoors int he summer in a fur coat, and your doodle probably feels the same way.   There are certainly some breeds that are COOLER in their huge fluffy coat, but doodles are not one of them.

  2. Safety:  Heat stroke in dogs isn’t uncommon in very hot climates.   Dogs don’t sweat the way that humans do to cool off, and thus, can overheat much faster in the heat.    We knew a family whose children took a doodle for a 2 hour walk in August in a full coat several years ago……that poor dog died a painful death.

  3. Ease of coat maintenance:  I short coat on an inch or so won’t get matted as your dog plays in the water, rolls in the grass and does all of that fun summer stuff!   A late spring shave down can allow you to go all summer with much lowered coat maintenance to worry about!


Ask your groomer for a comfort cut or summer shave down.   If you want a little cute fluff left ont he head or muzzle, just let them know!   Your baby will be overjoyed at their new freedom, and you might be overjoyed at your new freedom as well!

Happy “almost summer”!!!

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