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The Fuzzy Feud: Dog Groomers and Doodle Owners face Ongoing Challenge

In the world of dog grooming, there's a battle brewing – a showdown of epic proportions that has groomers and doodle owners on opposite sides of the fence. It's a clash that's been simmering for years, but the doodle boom of the pandemic has caused it to get worse.

Welcome to the ongoing challenge between dog groomers and doodle owners, a saga filled with fluffy drama and more knots than a tangled leash.

The Rise of Doodles

Before we dive into the drama, let's talk about the stars of our show: doodles. These lovable hybrids, like Labradoodles and Goldendoodles, have soared in popularity over the past decade. And why not?  They have an adorable look, and largely, endearing personalities!

The Doodle Dilemma

Now, you might be wondering, "What's the problem?" Well, it's all about those beautiful, curly and shaggy locks. Doodles boast a unique coat that's both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, it's a head-turner at the dog park. On the other hand it can be tangle-prove and mat-making if not maintained well. Many breeder provide no education on proper coat maintenance, leaving owners in the dark.

Groomers vs. Doodles

This is where our story gets interesting. Dog groomers, those unsung heroes of the canine world, find themselves locked in an ongoing battle with doodle owners. The bone of contention? The maintenance of those marvelous coats.

The Groomer's Lament

From the groomer's perspective, doodles are a double-edged sword. On one paw, they bring in steady business. Doodles need regular grooming, and most groomers are more than happy to oblige. On the other paw, doodle owners often come in with unrealistic expectations – pictures of celebrity dogs and requests for impossible haircuts.

The Doodle Owner's Frustration

Now, let's switch perspectives. Doodle owners are frustrated, too. They adore their pets but are often bewildered by the upkeep their furry friends require. Brushing and combing regularly are the only way to maintain that coat, and some people simply can’t or won’t do it enough.   Then there's the grooming appointment: a day-long event that isn’t cheap.  Many owners go in with unrealistic expectations and end up with a shaved dog!

The Quest for the Perfect Cut

One of the most contentious issues in this battle is the quest for the "perfect" doodle cut. Doodle owners often bring in photos of celebrities' doodles, hoping their pups can look just as Instagram-ready. However, not all dogs have the same coat texture or temperament, and groomers know that achieving the desired look isn't always possible.

Unfortunately this all leads to a lot of hateful word slinging online.  It is increasingly common to see Groomers banning together over their hatred of all things doodle…including their owners.

Can there be a middle ground?

In the midst of this feud, there's hope for a truce. The key lies in communication. Both parties need to come together, groomers listening to owners' concerns and doodle owners trusting groomers' expertise. After all, groomers are artists with scissors, creating beautiful canine masterpieces every day.

What do Groomers need from Owners?

They need owners to maintain that coat at home!   If you want your doodle to have hair longer than one inch, you need to brush their full body regularly, paying attention to the places they lay on.

They also need owners to understand that their expectations can’t always be met.  Sometimes due to matting, sometimes the ability of their dog to handle the grooming needed and sometimes the coat type simply doesn’t allow for the cut they want. Communication is key.

Be kind to your groomer.  They have a really hard job.

What do Owners need from Groomers?

Don’t hate on your owners!  Educate them!

Communicate from the outset what you are looking for in a “well maintained” coat.  With the thousands of new “breeders”of doodles since 2020, many owners simply aren’t getting educated by their breeder.

If a dog needs to be shaved, communicate that prior to shaving the dog.  Don’t shame the owner, but offer to send them some links to appropriate brushing techniques!

Communication is key!


As the battle rages on, it's essential to remember that both groomers and doodle owners share a common love for dogs. The ongoing challenge between them might be full of knots and tangles, but it's also an opportunity for learning, understanding, and, most importantly, fostering the well-being of our beloved doodles.

In this tale of brushes and blow dryers, let's hope for a happy ending where doodle owners leave the salon with tails wagging, and groomers see their craft celebrated. After all, it's the love we have for our furry companions that truly matters – no matter how many furballs we encounter along the way!!

Happy Brushing!

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