Welcome to our products page!

We have teamed up with Amazon to bring you these product recommendations.   All of the pictures are actual links to the products.  We have tried to source all products as Prime or Free-Shipping.

The Sweethaven family uses all affiliate funds to supplement our annual Salvation Army Angel Tree shopping spree!  This benefits children who might otherwise not have  a Christmas, and is a worth cause. 

Trust us!   Buy the best brush FIRST!   This brush is the only one you will ever need - it almost does the work for you!

This is a small crate that will work for most dogs through adulthood, though standards will need the next size up.

New puppy?

We recommend a tiny crate for the smoothest crate training experience.

These small pens can be helpful for times that you don't want to crate your new puppy, but cannot directly supervise.

EVERY dog needs a nubby ball!

Tooth health is SO important!  We recommend Greenies, in addition to REAL bones and occasionally tooth-brushing for dental health.

These should be on your list for a new puppy.  They are great for dental health AND a great high-value item to place for short periods of time int he crate to help them acclimate.

Weekly ear cleaning is quick, easy and will head off ear issues down the road.  We highly recommend this brand.

The next size up!    We highly recommend the Midwest brand of crates/

We have this stroller and use it frequently with puppies and small dogs. 

This is a great way to take puppies out for early socialization without risking their health.

These pens are a bit nicer and are designed to be able to be used outdoors as well.   

Doodles and Poodles are SMART!  They need to have toys that will challenge them.  These "hiding" toys are great for making them work for the toy!

Bring these bad boys out when you need a really "high-value" treat during training.   High value treats should be used for stubborn pups and difficult training to entice them to work for what they want.

Every one of our dogs has their own bone just like these.   Some last months, some last a year or more, but they really appreciate and need these to chew. 

It is so helpful for dental health and boredom. 

Even if your pup doesn't have tummy issues, I would recommend getting this product for occasional use.

If your pup does experience digestive upset - this might be the game changer that you have been looking for.

Taking your pup to the beach or lake?   

Don't assume they will swim naturally.    I have seen a dog sink right down, and it was terrifying!

If you are spending a lot of time on the lake, beach or in the snow protect your pup's eyes with these!

We LOVE the adorable collars and leashes from Blueberry!

We rarely use a harness, but have used this one in the past.  I was easy to use and comfortable (or seemed so), for the pup!

The boy patterns aren't as adorable, but the high quality makes up for that.   

We own three different professional clippers (and have used 5 different ones).    This kind is out favorite! 

they are relatively quite, have 2 speeds and aren't heavy on the hand.  

If you are doing at home grooming, save yourself the headache and get the good stuff first!

We have this same table.  After many years of use and hundreds of haircuts on it, we are getting ready to upgrade.  

For the at-home pet groomer, however, it is perfect.  Compact, foldable and sturdy.    It is SO much easier to give a cut with a grooming table!

These are what we use to snip the hair around the eyes between grooms!

Very safe.

The Chris Christensen Shampoos and conditioners are by far the best!

This is an inexpensive nail grooming kit.

If you are grooming one dog at home, but still want that salon look, you need a high velocity drier.

Groomers with blow and brush to get that super-soft and fluffy hair.

This model is sufficient for the average home groomer.

I mean--they are just so cute...

AND they are very soft and thing material - not stiff like most bandannas.

The Chris Christensen Shampoos and conditioners are by far the best!

This is what you want if you are drying more than one dog.  It will go MUCH faster and blow out the coats better than the one below.