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Getting a new puppy is so exciting! Especially if you’re a first time dog parent. But what kind of toys are safe for your new furry friend?? Let’s talk about that!

There are some great options for toys out there, but on the other hand, some that are not recommended. Below will be listed good and bad toys and the reasons they are in the category.


  • Kongs- We all are familiar with the well known name of Kongs. They are durable, great for a teething puppy or just a mouthy dog in general. A fantastic way to keep your dog busy by putting treats or something such as peanut butter inside! They come in various sizes and shapes.

  • Beef femur marrow bones- These are a fantastic choice to have around for your puppies and adult dogs! Your furbaby will be munching on these for months up to years, they are very resilient (even for heavy chewers). You can buy them plain, or even with peanut butter inside. Definitely a crowd favorite here at Sweethaven.

  • Nubby balls- Puppies LOVE nubby balls, it’s Textured, sounds cool when it rolls around AND it bounces! I mean what’s not to love, right?

  • Starmark Treat Dispensing Chew Ball Tough Dog Toy- If you want to keep your dog busy or help an overly active or mischievous dog occupies, this is a wonderful option! They will be mentally stimulated, trying to get those yummy treats.

  • ZOLEN Dog Slow Dispensing Treater Mat- If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to keep your dog happy while grooming, bathing, or while they’re in their kennel when you leave for work, this product is a great choice! Many dog owners and trainers recommend it, with many different uses you will get your money’s worth.


  • Rawhide bones- While many people own these for their furry friends, it is a common unknown fact that they are incredibly dangerous. There have been many emergency vet visits from a dog choking on their rawhide. Because of their ability to tear pieces off, your dog could take too large of a piece and it could get caught in their esophagus. They also are unable to properly digest this material. Another common vet visit is for a blockage surgery due to Rawhides.

  • Tug ropes- Tug ropes are not necessarily a toy to strictly avoid, but if you own some or plan to buy a rope we recommend you only let your dog play with it

under surveillance. Dogs find ropes as a fun thing to rip apart and those strings can potentially be choked on or block their digestive system. So you don’t have to avoid them entirely, just be safe. :)

  • Stuffed toys- These are similar to the ropes. If you want to let your dog have stuffed animals and they are known to chew things up, it is wise to only let them have said toys under your watch. If your dog is particularly prone to destroying toys or just loves to chew things, stuffed animals might not be the best choice to just have laying around the house. Plus if you have kids, their stuffed animals might be in danger of some puppy chews!

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